Adv. Sabelo Sibanda & Pastor John Mosepele making teachers aware of their rights for the experimental Vax.
Section 12 2C of the constitution says, "everyone has the right to bodily and psychological integrity," this right includes, "NOT to be subjected to medical or scientific experiment without their consent.. "
So you have the right to say no, to NOT be experimented upon if you are pushed to take this jab. We are in a situation where a global experiment is going on in the name of Covid 19 Vaccination.
The constitution is a broad framework so don't think you are obligated to take it and you have the right to insist the Department of Education taking responsibility if you go ahead with this process should anything go wrong with it.
Currently there is no legislation gazzeted in South Africa because an experimental procedure, an experimental medicine is not vaccine, so even if legislation says you must take the jab, know it is not a vaccine.
There has to be a law that says section 12 2C does not apply anymore for anyone to be forced for this directive to apply and at present this is not the case.
A directive is not a gazzeted law. This applies to everyone of all ages, in all employments and professions not just teachers.
There are documents prepared that you can take to your doctor, employer for them to accept, they have to accept liability first before you are forced to take the experimental jab.