Once again we at Qalamul Haq find ourselves in position of having to go public with a JUSA aalim.

Despite JUSA engaging in haraam such as interfaith prayers, intermingling and soccer promotions, we find Maulana Ebrahim Pandor remaining silent on these issues.

If his name (which is well respected by all) is being used by placing him in the position of Deputy president, then the right thing to do to counter the usage of such is to speak out against these wrongs.

We therefore contacted Maulana Ebrahim Pandor on multiple occasions, to which the only answer we received is silence. We have thus concluded that he is an accomplice and approves of these acts.

A simple example to explain the above is if someone uses your name to invite another person to a gathering to assassinate them and you know about the plan and the dubious behavior yet do not warn the person, you become an accomplice in the crime. The same applies here.

Perhaps others could reach out to Moulana Pandor to get a verbal or written answer on what is his stance on his organization's Haraam activities.

This may come across as hard or harsh to some and was even tough on us to pen, but it is the reality of the matter. We speak from a point of being just and for the Haq.

Let us not become part of the verse "they take their rabbis as dieties besides Allah".