6 August 2021
26 Zhul Hijja 1442
Moulanas: Abbas Ali Jeena, Abbas Zubair Ali, Kachwee
We write this letter at a time when the Sharia is under attack from many quarters and none more so than the organizations you are heading.
You are at a very senior age and maut is now imminent and this is a reality. Are you prepared to meet Allah Rabbul Izzat having to account for the following?
1. Last year for the first time in human history, Masaajid were closed by Ulama who went to court to achieve this. Are you happy with this or to have your names associated with this? Is it not compulsory for you to apologise for this, and to retract and distance yourself from such, and those associated with such a heinous crime against Allah Rabbul Izzat?
We remind you of the Ayat e Kareema: ““And who is more unjust than he who prevents (men) from the Masaajid of Allah that His Name should be remembered in them, and strives to ruin (destroy) them? (As for these) it was not proper for them that they should have entered them except in fear, for them there is a disgrace in this world, and for them there is a great torment (the greatest of the torment) in the Hereafter.”(2:114)
2. Now your organisations have gone to court to subvert the Sharia and in so doing leading the innocent Ummah astray. Are you happy with this course of action?
Why are you choosing to associate with such people who are bootlicking government and for making government happy, bringing disgrace upon themselves and yourselves and subverting and changing the Sharia.
We advise you to distance yourself from individuals such as Bham, Raghie, Haider, Navalaki,and Ravat and condemn their actions publicly. (They remind us of the big 5 in the Kruger Park, as the true Ulama should be consulted and the Ulama are those that fear Allah Ta'Aala.)
3. Is this the legacy the Ulama wish to leave behind and also to face Allah rabbul Izzat with? UUCSA and these individuals in particular have brought disgrace upon themselves and yourselves. But you can make it right as there is NO DISGRACE in righting the wrongs done. In fact if done for the Pleasure of Allah Rabbul Izzat, such disgrace will be turned into Izzat.
4. Why do you not pronounce a Fatwa on the Shia. We ask again, what is your Fatwa on the Ithna Ashara Shia?
Why the silence on these issues? Or is money perhaps the criteria!
5. Do you agree with and are happy with the kufr statements made by the lawyer Mrs Bawa in asking for an interim relief wherein even a non-Muslim judge asks if the interim relief being asked for conflicts with Sharia. Bawa evades the clear question! We ask you, does the interim relief being asked for not conflict with Sharia?
6. If you, as seniors in the community at this advanced age, do not dissociate from UUCSA/JUSA then we fear that you will leave a rotten legacy over your names forever in history. It is about time that our elders did something to leave a good legacy for generations to come, and if you do not disassociate from those whom we mention above, we fear that JUSA will be tainted forever and you along with it.
We hope that you will respond and also do what you know deep down in your heart of hearts to be the right thing?
We are but well-wishers to you.
You still have a chance to make things right.
And on us is only to deliver a clear message (nothing more).
Was salaam
Abdus Sathaar Syed
For: Qalamul Haq Panel
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