Sayyiduna Anas ibn Malik (radiyallahu ‘anhu) said: “When a fasiq is honoured, Allah gets angry and the ‘Arsh shudders on account of [Allah’s anger].”

It is indeed sad that Molvies of and linked with Darul Uloom Newcastle have degenerated to the point of having a “reunion” weekend. This reunion is merely a party of waste and merrymaking no matter what name is given to such.

We at Qalamul Haq and others as well are very disturbed by this and write this with sad hearts.

Bus transport arrangements being made from Cape Town to Newcastle for people to have a “get together” and people coming from all parts of the country, when we all should be involved in Dua and Ibaadat in solitude at this time when the Ummat is faced with so many challenges.

A few points for the organisers, participants and others to think of regarding this event of waste and futility:

1. What’s the point of ladies facilities if it’s a reunion of men (even if such was acceptable)?

2. Are they not honouring fusaaq Ulama who are involved in photography by giving them the platform to speak from?

3. Will the outspoken Ulama for Haq who are attending this reunion condemn photography when it is a known fact that photography is rampant at Darul Uloom Newcastle or at least by many of it's students, Azaatiza and well wishers/supporters?

4. Are they not then emulating Kuffaar school students and Fussaaq with such reunions?

5. They even have Molvis who sold out Deen giving lectures and possibly crying for the plight of the Ummat and then they will enjoy their meals while our brethren in Gaza die and starve.

6. Why was a Quran Ayat e Kareema misused for such an occasion? Does the Quran Ayah apply to the YouTube videos that the guest speaker had conducted then to merry make now?

For ulama who claim to be on Haq to attend and share platform with the type of Ulama they speak out against themselves is perplexing to say the least.

We advise Ulama as well as the layman to abstain from such futility and use their time, money and resources in a way that is better suited to assist thid ailing Ummat.

The organisers and students, former and current, should search their hearts and ask themselves if this is the legacy that Hazrat Moulana Qasim Seema Rahmatullahi Alay left and would he have approved of such!

May Allah ta’aala have mercy on on this wayward Ummat. Ameen.

Issued by: Qalamul Haq

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