In the light of the background in the article below (edited by Qalamul Haq), understand the birth of genuine UUCSA/JUSA with Hazrat Moulana Ahmad Sadek Desai Hafizullah (Hazrat) at its helm.
In 1970, that is almost half a century ago, (we stress, during the apartheid regime) when the vast majority of the current members of all the Jamiats had either not yet appeared on the surface of the earth, or they were still young children or not born. In short, the current bogus clique of a bogus name “uucsa” had absolutely no role in the affairs of the Muslim community of South Africa.
In 1970, which was the very first year when Hazarat Moulana AS Desai Saheb arrived from Jalalabad after having completed his Deeni studies under the guidance and supervision of Hadhrat Maulana Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh), he was thrown into the affairs of the Muslim community much against his will and inclination. Circumstances compelled his involvement and participation in the affairs of the Muslim community.
The primary issue which had constrained Hazrat to become involved in the affairs of the Muslim community was the expropriation by the Port Elizabeth Municipality of the Pier Street Musjid. This was, to best of our knowledge, the oldest Musjid in Port Elizabeth. Its construction was funded by the last Khalifah of the Ottoman Empire.
The unscrupulous trustees of the Musjid had clandestinely agreed to sell the Musjid for R80,000 to the Municipality which was bent on demolishing the Musjid to make way for a freeway which was under construction at that time.
The Municipality with the co-operation of the trustees, had absolutely refused to consider Hazrat's objection to the expropriation. The decision was made to demolish the Musjid. It then dawned on Hazrat by the Fadhl of Allah Ta’ala, to muster the support of all the then Ulama bodies in order to take the protest to a national level.
In 1970, the following Ulama organizations had existed:
(a) Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal. NOTE: The current Jamiat of Fordsburg is NOT and was NOT the Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal. Its claims to have been the old Transvaal Jamiat are FALSE. All you have to do is see what the old and new bodies stood for and you will understand this. They call themselves JUSA.
(b) Jamiatul Ulama Natal
(c) Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape
(d) Muslim Judicial Council Western Cape
(e) Muslim Judicial Council Eastern Cape (This organization no longer exists).
Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape: This body had just been formed in 1970, and was dubbed by its detractors as a “one man jamiat” just as the molvies today are dubbing the Musjlisul Ulama of S.A. as “a one man show”. There is no need for us to dwell on this stupidity, save to mention what the Qur’aan Majeed states about “one man bodies”. `
“Verily, Ibraaheem was (alone) an (entire) Ummah, Qaanit Obedient and fully submissive to Allah Ta’ala, and Haneef (devoid of the slightest vestige of deviation). And, he was not of the mushrikeen.” (Aayat 120, An-Nahal)
The Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape as well as the Mujlisul Ulama of S.A. were and are within the scope of this Qur’aanic aayat. These so-called “one man bodies” constitute an ‘Ummah’, and the Deeni activities emanating in the wake of their establishment confirm the Ummah status of the Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape which functioned under the guidance and spiritual shadow of Hadhrat Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh) whose parting advice to Hazrat was to remain aloof (Haneef) and Qaanit, and not fall into the mess of paper bodies by joining organizations whose objective is not the Aakhirah and Allah’s Pleasure. This is brief sums up our “one man” Ummah status whose call everyone in the land is constrained to heed, both, friend and foe, sympathizer and rejecter.
This “one man”, in fact a ‘junior one man’ Jamiatul Ulama Eastern Cape, set in motion the plan to organize a meeting of all the Ulama bodies for presenting a unified stance and voice to oppose the expropriation of the Musjid. Thus, Hazrat contacted all, the then senior Ulama of all the Ulama organizations and prevailed upon them to attend a conference to be held in Port Elizabeth to discuss and present a unified stance for opposing
the P.E. Municipality’s expropriation order.
Every Ulama organization accepted Hazrat’s invitation, and sent their most senior Ulama to Port Elizabeth to attend the conference. Hazrat was the most junior and most “insignificant” member at the time. It was his first year after completing at Madrasah. The following very noteworthy facts regarding this historical gathering of Ulama should be borne in mind:
• This was the very first time in the history of the South African Muslim community that all Ulama bodies, without a single exception, had attended a national conference.
• And, this was also the last time.
* Never thereafter had the Ulama succeeded in having a gathering/conference of all Ulama organizations, nor did the Ulama succeed thereafter in presenting consensus or a unified statement on even a single issue affecting the Muslim community, not even on the very important and sensitive issue of the film which pictorially depicted the Sahaabah – the film known as “The Messenger”.*
• Today the Ulama, due to their villainy and worldly lusts, are the most fragmented members of the Ummah with daggers at each other’s throats, and with daggers in their hearts. This is clearly illustrated by the court cases initiated by the Jamiat of Fordsburg (JUSA) the MJC and Jamiat KZN (at the time of this article).
The groundwork, the field work and every aspect of the action to oppose the expropriation were executed by only the “one man jamiat”, and this with the full and wholehearted co-operation and endorsement of all the Ulama organizations. We must add here, that despite Hazrat’s sharp differences with the Ulama of the MJC of that early period, they (the MJC Sheikhs) were unlike the current crop that carry titles of Moulana, Sheikh etc which pose as the MJC of this era. The senior Sheiks of that time, e.g. Sheikh Najaar and Sheikh Nazeem, were responsible men who were amenable to valid Deeni talks.
The Ulama of the other two Jamiats who had participated in the P.E. conferences were Mufti Sanjalvi (Senior), and his son, Maulana Ebrahim Mia, Mufti Ahmed Mia, Maulana A.H. Omarjee and Maulana C.M. Sema (Rahmatullah alayhim). All of them are now underground.
None of the present crop of so called Ulama of these bodies, had any share in that first and last unified gathering of all the Ulama organizations of South Africa.
The only junior who was fully involved and at the helm was Hazrat.
Without the slightest fear of contradiction from any source whatsoever, Hazrat states with emphasis that he was the sole operator of the plan which had been unfurled in the name of all the Ulama of S.A. Hazrat would act and issue statements on behalf of all the Ulama organizations with none opposing even a single decision or step which the “one man ummah’ effected in the plan to save the Musjid from demolition.
There are copious documents in archives to back up every statement being made here. InshaAllah, at a later stage these documents shall be released for the information and edification of the Muslim community.
Allah Ta’ala gave them (Hazrat) a resounding victory over the City Council.
The unified stance of all the Ulama bodies was the overt cause for our success. The actual and real Cause, was Allah’s Fadhl which He grants to whomever He wills. It was their Deeni struggle to save the Musjid. It was not like any of the projects of pure nafsaaniyat which todays molvies organize in the name of the Deen, but the true motive being the dunya – hub-e-maal and hubb-e-jah.
The first persons to moot the idea of a unified Ulama body of South Africa in the wake of the success they had achieved, were Maulana Sema and Sheikh Najaar. They urged that the function of the COMMITTEE of ULAMA which had been established to represent all the Ulama organizations should not be confined to the one issue of the Pier Street Musjid.
Hazrat while acting as the Secretary of the Committee of Ulama was in reality holding the positions of all officials an organization requires for functioning. It is stressed here that besides full moral support, no practical assistance and no financial assistance of any kind, were forthcoming from any Ulama body.
Anyhow, the objective of the “one man jamiat” for having organized the Ulama conference was only to gain the moral support of all the Ulama of the country and to enable him to speak with one unified voice and adopt a unified stance. In this, Alhamdulillah, they were 100% successful.
In the light of this background, understand the birth of genuine UUCSA/JUSA with Hazrat at its helm.
(Edited by Qalamul Haq)