The world works on a system of means and cause an effect. ALLAH created these systems for us but HE is independent of them. These systems come in two forms. One is what we term nazar and one what we term khabar.
(Please note that we are not discussing the commonly understood word nazar which implies evil eyes, because in reality the concept of evil eyes is not nazar that we are discussing but in reality it is khabar as will be explained later).
This concept is something we all understand and use daily and are also reliant on it. It is means and cause an effect that we see. Below are some examples.
• We throw something in the fire it will burn.
• We do extra work to earn extra income.
• When sick we take medication and anti-biotic.
• Taking out insurance secures your property.
• Put money in bank, earn interest and money increases.
• Using weapon for self-defence.
The above is to create a pattern of thought. The concept of nazar is reality that we understand and indeed we must implement nazar. But in the examples given some methods of nazar are haraam, and we are not allowed to use it. As explained earlier we are all familiar with the concept of nazar.
This concept involves ALLAHS systems of cause an effect that we cannot see and generally don’t understand, hence we don’t place emphasis on it. Below are some examples. These examples are of cause an effect as per QURAN and HADITH which outwardly does not make sense to us and sometimes even contradicts nazar.
• Recite surah Waaqiya and you will never see poverty.
• Give sadaqah and difficulties will be removed.
• Give sadaqah and your wealth will increase.
• Recite ayaatul kursi for your protection.
• Use honey and/or kulunji for all illnesses.
• Recite 5times daily Salah on time and your income is taken care off.
QURAAN tells us ALLAH has kept increase in sadaqah (charity) and decrease in riba (Interest, insurance and such). This is an example of contradiction with nazar and khabar. Our experience and logic tells us that if you give money your wealth decreases, and the concept of interest creates increase in wealth. The reason we opt for nazar and not khabar is because our imaan has become so weak that we put our puny intellect and logic above ALLAHS all-knowing wisdom.
Hadith tells us that recitation of surah Waaqiya in the evening will prevent poverty and will even increase our wealth. Because we cannot see this cause an effect, it does not appeal to our knowledge therefore we cannot take 10min of our evening to practice this. But this cause an effect is more of a reality than the experience of our eyes and life. Why? Because ALLAHS Nabi Alayhis Salam told us! We have become so indoctrinated by the west that we only accept nazar and find it difficult to accept khabar. So we will take a second job or work extra hours to sort out financial issues but will totally neglect surah Waaqiya.
We are told that praying 5 daily Salah on time will guaranty our income. But when a person is asked why they neglect Salah or make it qaza, the response is on the line of, I’m busy earning my income.
When our children get sick we use filthy vaccinations, and hadith tells honey is a cure for every sickness except the sickness of death. Once again we lack conviction in words of QURAAN and HADITH.
The above id a brief explanation and we hope to explain it further together with the concept of barakat in the future INSHALLAH.
We have to use nazar in our day to day living, but together with this we must have conviction on khabar and bring it alive into our day to day lives.
Examples: we must use medication AND take honey when we are ill and use honey daily. We must work AND do the best we can at our jobs and businesses, but never neglect our Salah and recite sura Waaqiya daily. We must give sadaqah more often within our means, make isthigfaar often AND refrain from riba, and so on.
Incident one
When Moosa (Alayhis Salam) was confronted by the magicians and their snakes, he had a stick in his hand which he could use for defence (logic and nazar). He was commanded to throw his stick and only defence onto the ground. He did this (khabar) and his stick became a snake the devoured all the other snakes.
Incident two
Abu Zar (Radiallahu Anhu) was told that his house had burnt down together with his entire street. He refused to accept the news and when they went to check, the entire street did burn down accept for his house. Why? He had put conviction on khabar in that he use recite a Masnoon Dua taught by his and our beloved master Salallahu Alayhi Wasalam, for protection of one’s home and wealth.
The above is haq and we should bring more conviction on khabar while using nazar.
May ALLAH grant us understanding and the ability to practise on this very important concept of khabar.
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