Qalamul Haq was formed as a non-formal and self-funded organization.
Apart from the work that we do via internet platforms, we are also involved in Dawa work on ground, assisting to link people with organisations, Madraaris and Ulama of Haq as well as assisting with Maktab projects with other Ulama and organisations.
We receive requests for financial assistance on a regular basis and are compelled to direct the public to organisations that are supposed to handle this type of work. Many, however, have unfortunately complained of the red tape and lack of assistance.
We would like to do more based on our observations and experiences but we do not have funds for projects of this nature.
We are NOT asking for funding per se, but we are informing you that if you wish to contribute to our informal projects for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, you may deposit funds into the account of the founder and senior administrator of Qalamul Haq. No monies will be used for any form of renumeration to Qalamul Haq Admin and no salaries will be taken by any person.
Monies received will be used for the following and surplus funds at the end of every month will be given to institutes who are members of or directly linked to Wifaqul Ulama SA or any other institute on Haq. We will not carry over any money into the following month (rather we hope to use the money within a few days of receipt):
• Kitaabs/fees for Maktab students who cannot afford
• Feeding the poor and assisting them (in informal settlements and if approached personally)
• Blankets and clothing for the poor
• Assisting the homeless with food (and shelter if possible)
• Disaster assistance when needed
• Financial assistance for the poor and needy if approached personally
• Hosting fees and Data (from time to time)
Please note that we stress that we are solely asking for voluntary contributions for informal work and the two expenses mentioned. This is merely an avenue that we are presenting so that various avenues of khair can we watered without any worldly benefit whatsoever to our team.
We will give feedback on the use of funds to the individuals that contribute via email every month and there shall be total transparency which is lacking these days. Please send a payment notification to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Whatsapp to 061 756 5356 and state if it is Zakaat or Lillah.
(Insha Allah Ta’Aala)
Abdus Sathaar Syed
061 756 5356
ACC#: 139 333 4006