Daily we recite or hear the proclamation of the Greatness and Power of Allah Ta‘ala more than a hundred times. In the azaan, salaah and at other times, we keep repeating ALLAHU AKBAR... ALLAHU AKBAR ... ALLAHU AKBAR. This is a constant reminder throughout the day that ALLAH TA‘ALA IS THE GREATEST. He Alone controls everything and has total qudrat and power over every minute particle.

Presently, Allah Ta‘ala’s qudrat (absolute power and control) is being manifested through a microscopic virus which has brought most of the world to almost a standstill. Subhaanallah! Pure is that Being to Whom belongs the entire universe. He Alone is the creator of every living being and every inanimate object. He causes the sun to rise and the moon to shine. Glory be to Allah Ta‘ala who gives life and death and Who will resurrect everyone on the Day of Judgement.

Viruses and Plagues

Allah Ta‘ala is the Creator of viruses and plagues. Plagues are a punishment from Allah Ta‘ala for those who reject Him and a mercy for the true Believers (who gain the rank of a martyr if it causes them to pass away). (Musnad Ahmad #8305)

As many parts of the world go into “Lockdown”, it is a time to reflect: What has locked us down? Has the virus

locked us down? NO. In reality, our sins have locked us down and drawn down this calamity upon us.

Sins? What sins? As we often say: “I am not perfect, but I am not a bad person!” So then what sins have locked us down? Let us peer deeply at our reflection in the mirror of the Quraan Majeed and sunnah and see how good or bad we really are. Most of us will see our blatant disregard of the commands of Allah Ta‘ala staring back at us.

The five daily salaah, which are compulsory on every adult male and female, are perhaps performed diligently by less than five percent of the Ummah (many perform four or less and many perform none at all), whereas deliberately missing a single salaah has been likened to an act of kufr (though not in itself kufr). Salaah with jamaa‘ah (congregation), which is waajib for males, is generally taken very lightly or completely neglected. Count the number of musallis in the masjid for Fajr Salaah to get an idea of this gross neglect!!!

What about the involvement in gheebat (backbiting), lying, zina, gambling, taking or giving interest, indulging in drinking and drugs, breaking of family ties, harbouring malice and jealousy, being proud and arrogant, gross wastage — especially in weddings and other functions (such as thousands wasted on deco, etc.) and various other vices and sins? As for the trampling of the rights of people, this is often regarded as a joke or even an achievement!!! The list of our vices is almost endless. Yes indeed, sins destroy barakah and bring hardship and calamities. Thus our SINS have locked us down.

Allah Ta‘ala has clearly declared in the Quraan Majeed: “And whatever calamity befalls you, it is due to what your hands have earned (what you have done)! (Surah Shura, v.30). The same message is also conveyed in several other verses of the Quraan Majeed. While the physical sight and the intellectual mind can only see the virus as the means of us being locked down, the spiritual heart and divinely inspired insight can see that in reality, it is our sins that have locked us down.

Two Serious Vices

Among all the sins being perpetrated, two vices stand out in particular – zulm (oppression) and fah-shaa (immorality and shamelessness). The world has become filled with zulm. The extremely tragic zulm of many rulers and governments is well known. However, zulm is not confined to state tyranny. There are also numerous oppressed parents – the culprits being their own children. In many cases, the opposite is also true, where parents are guilty of oppressing their own children. Incidents of spouses oppressing one another are a heartrending story. If the tears of the numerous oppressed wives (and also many oppressed husbands) could be turned to ink, huge volumes could be written with this ink about the gross ill-treatment and oppression from those who were expected to give love and affection!


Among the many oppressed are: Workers who are not paid in full or whose labour is exacted for a pittance, heirs who are deprived of their rightful inheritance, the victims of fraud and corruption, those who are sworn at, mocked or ridiculed, and people who are looked down upon due to colour, nationality or language, etc., and the zulm between relatives and the severing of family relationships, etc.

With regard to zulm, Allah Ta‘ala declares: “And indeed we destroyed generations before you when they committed oppression”. (Surah Yunus, v.13) Also, in Surah Kahf, Allah Ta‘ala says: “And those towns, We destroyed them when they committed oppression”. (Surah Kahf, v.59) Closely examine our hearts and actions – we will find ourselves guilty of many aspects of zulm. To save ourselves from the wrath of Allah Ta‘ala, we must stop committing zulm, sincerely repent and make amends for whatever happened in the past.


The second extremely serious vice is the tsunami of immorality and shamelessness. Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said: “When immorality becomes rife in a community and they blatantly indulge in shamelessness, plagues and such diseases will become widespread which their forefathers had never heard of”. (Sunan Ibni Maajah #4019) Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) was once asked: “Will we be destroyed while there are pious people among us?” He (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) replied: “Yes, when sins will become abundant”. (Sunan Tirmizi #2185) It is reported in another narration that Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) was asked when such destruction (which he warned about) would come. He replied: “When dancing girls and musical instruments will become rife”. (Sunan Tirmizi #2212)

When an evil becomes widespread and is commonly indulged in, the severity of that vice diminishes from the hearts and it gradually becomes regarded as “OK”. It then degenerates further and people often comment about many vices by asking, “What’s wrong with it?” This has tragically become the order of the day with many immoral actions.

Perhaps most prominent among them is the style of dressing – especially dressing of females. Short, tight-fitting, transparent garments have become “OK”, in-style and “the way to go!” The evil and shamelessness in that manner of dressing – outdoors or even indoors in the presence of one’s children, parents and others - has largely disappeared from the hearts.

Intermingling of non-mahrams

Likewise, the immorality and vice of free intermingling of non-mahrams, in the workplace as well as socially among families and family friends (which has resulted in the inferno of zina in our communities), is tragically not regarded as a sin by numerous people. Hence, many who do wish to fully uphold the laws of purdah (hijaab and niqaab) and refrain from associating with cousins or non-mahram in-laws are mocked and pressured to conform to the norm — the immoral norm of non-purdah.

The haraam chatting and flirting on social media is also all part of the tsunami of utter immorality. Many aspects which the sharee‘ah deems to be totally shameless are indulged in and then also advertised by being splashed all over social media. Watching porn, going to zina dens, sharing immoral and lewd messages on social media and other such vices are also tragically very common and high on the list of immorality among our people. May Allah Ta‘ala protect us all.

The lockdown is a time to reflect and to sincerely repent. While one must repent from all sins, particular attention must be paid to making taubah from zulm and immorality. Let us unlock the shackles of sin and vice that nafs and shaitaan have locked us in by means of sincere taubah and righteous actions. Insha-Allah, our path to every good of this world and the Hereafter will be wide open.

May Allah Ta‘ala assist us to shun all sin and make us among His loyal servants. May He unlock us from the effects of our sins and bless us and the entire Ummah with peace and happiness in this world and the Hereafter, aameen.