The Public Relations Officer Mr. Ebi Lockhat at Sanha.
Your rodomontade tirade regarding Mantellis Biscuits refers:
Yes, I will gladly answer your seven questions. But first please refresh my memory as to when Sanha had "debunked my nonsensical allegations" (your words).
My allegations were never answered. To counter the charges Sanha has only lies, stunts, red herrings and nothing but fitnah and fasaad! Nevertheless let me put forth the allegations once again, and this time please answer and don't come up with any stunts to divert from the factual reality.
The Kuffaar modern “halaal" meat is a mockery of Islam. Commercial meat, chickens, eggs and dairy plants operate under a capitalist system, not the Shariah.
Consequently the only important component is money, not animal welfare or our health. Under the Shariah animals have rights. The method of slaughtering at the Kuffaar plants is against the Sunnah.
Mufti Yusuf Ludhyaanwi rahmatul alayhi comments on the Kuffaar stunning system as follows:
“If there had been any relief for the animal in shooting a bolt into its head thereby stunning it, and if Allah Ta'ala had preferred this method, then Nabi salallahu alayhi wasallam would have taught it to us. The persons who have devised this method are essentially trying to prove that they are more intelligent than Nabi salallahu alayhi wasallam."
(Aap Ke Masaail aur Unka Hal volume 5 page 452 Ludhyaanwi).
Mr.Lockhat, do you have a Shar'i response to these Shar'i charges ?
In one of Sanha’s statements they say with profound hypocrisy that:
"The divine law's of Islam are indeed perfect as taught to us by the perfect exemplar, the noble Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. Consumption of Halaal is key to one’s salvation."
Now with what face and with what conscience can Sanha speak of the “perfect divine laws", when it scornfully rejects each and every step and rule in Allah Ta'ala's system of slaughter ? Sanha in this article is clearly manipulating the Deen for its despicable monetary objectives. After all, "The perfect exemplar" did say that " The dunya will be pursued with acts of Deen".
This is the motivation for Sanha's hypocritical statement.
Tens of millions of rands are at stake annually, therefore with skulduggery and deception all the so-called 'halaal' authorities deceive the Muslim community. Plagued by scandals upon scandals the reputation of Sanha, Mjc,Niht, etc., etc. have all been ruined. For decades these entities have fed the Ummah Haraam carrion chickens and meat and even donkey meat and pork sold as halaal as the Orion meat scandal and the investigation of the university of Stellenbosch has established.
There is overwhelming evidence, mountains of evidence which conclusively proves the 'haraam' racket the halaal certifiers are operating. The Shariah is second fiddle to the cartel of carrion halaalizers.
The system of killing at all Kuffaar abattoirs is 100% in conflict with the pristine system of Thabah of Islam. Yes, Mr. Lockhat, please give me your proof " debunking " the above.
The National Independent Halaal Trust ( Niht) in 2008 conducted a surprise unannounced inspection of Sanha's Anca chicken plant in Stutterheim. Niht established that 87% of the chickens were Haraam. The report which is available was swept under the carpet and both carrion halaalizers contented themselves with feeding the Ummah Haraam chickens marketed as halaal with Sanha's haraam logo.
Also a few years back , Sanha and the carrion halaalizers exposed the Mjc carrion flagship with a secret carrion 223 page report. This report exposing the Mjc's carrion corruption is not only a revelation of the Mjc's evil and villainy of feeding the Ummah Haraam carrion by deliberate design. It reveals the greater evil of Sanha ,who had unearthed the Mjc's rot, then concealed it to perpetuate the Mjc's crime of feeding the Ummah Haraam carrion.
Recently Sanha pulled out as the Halaal certifiers of the Pizza Hut franchises. But lo and behold a new kid on the block "The Islamic Watchdog Movement" came to Pizza Hut's rescue and duly issued Halaal certificates. What a joke this industry has become.
To pull wool over the eyes of ignorant Muslims, the theological director of Sanha, Moulana Navlakhi, in a Jumuah bayaan at the Mallinson Rd Musjid, raised both his hands pointing to the sky, and declared "Wallah, Rainbow chickens are halaal !" May Allah Ta'ala destroy all these haraam devilish carrion halaalizers.
Mr. Lockhat, you did mention many Muslims are now turning to your Sanha for certification. This is a sign of Qiyaamah. Treacherous people like Sanha, Mjc, Niht, etc., will be regarded as trustworthy and trustworthy people will be regarded as treacherous. Also, please remember that these businesses are all in the carrion game for the haraam boodle. And the Muslim consumers who do not question, are all addicted to the rotten carrion meat and chickens. Just as how a person is addicted to drugs and liquor, in the same way people eat out and are addicted and really don't give a damn.
My work of exposing this rot will not end. Nabi salallahu alayhi wasallam reported that the Faajir must be exposed so that the Ummah is saved. Also in Musnad Abu Ya'la ( Hadith 6839) Nabi salallahu alayhi wasallam was asked as to what actions are most detestable to Allah Ta'ala. The reply was, ascribing partners to Allah Ta'ala, severing ties and abandoning enjoining good and forbidding evil.
Coming to your 7 questions, Mr .Lockhat,
(1) The ingredients in the biscuit pack says "animal fat". Mantellis did not specify which animal fat. It may even be pig fat!
(2) Yes, under the circumstances this biscuit is Haraam.
(3) Mantellis need to answer this question.
(4) Propylene glycol is a chemical compound used in car anti-freeze and also found in this biscuit.
(5) Also a question for Mantellis.
(6) Please reread my email to Mantellis. I had written that my daughter from Cape Town purchased the biscuits.
(7) Even an intelligent toddler or a village rustic when appraised of the shenanigans of all the so-called haraam devilish haraam certifying bodies, will without hesitation proclaim that the products are Haraam.
Yes Sanha, Mjc. etc have this desire to project itself a holy image, but many in the Muslim community know that the molvies and sheikhs on the certifying bodies are the advocates , promoters and halaalizers of the worst atrocities and acts of brutality on the Makhlooq of Allah Ta'ala. The curses of the billions of animals are piling up, and Sanha, Mjc, Niht etc will have to carry this horrible burden on the day of Qiyaamah. Mr. Lockhat, remember my concerns. I eagerly await your response. Or will it be a case of "Flogging a dead horse"?
JazakAllah, "On us is only to convey the clear message" Qur'aan.