When Is This Ummat Going To Wake Up And Stop Consuming Haraam Endorsed By This Cartel

(Qalamul Haq)


Submitted by Ahmed Laher

Date: 9TH December 2010

Re: Halaal certification granted by SANHA to large commercial poultry plants (and other Halaal related issues)

Since SANHA is (or “claims” to be) a NGO that is “representing the Muslim community of South Africa” and since “SANHA is the ONLY Halaal certifying organization that provides full accountability and transparency to the Consumer” (quotations direct from SANHA’s website representations) … This is an Open Request for SANHA to provide full accountability and to answer the following questions and educate the general public on SANHA’s stance on various issues that are very pertinent to the consumers of the poultry certified as Halaal by SANHA:

I have been monitoring the raging debate that has brewed over the past few years on the issue of SANHA (and other Halaal certification organizations) declaring the mass slaughtered commercial poultry (emanating from the likes of Rainbow, Early Bird etc) as Halaal.

I have read with interest both sides of the “story” and I am of the view that SANHA (amongst other certifying bodies) has a lot of questions to answer and owes especially the Muslim (and for that matter Non-Muslim) public a detailed explanation and direct and straightforward answers to the questions below that I have posed. This is especially so as it seems as though there are a number of irregularities that are condoned in the issuing of Halaal certificates that are in conflict with Islamic Shari’ah and that are in conflict with ordained Islamic Methods and that are in conflict with basic animal rights and that are in conflict with basic human rights and that are conflict with the way human beings must necessarily conduct themselves (humane methods, humane systems, dignity) in the treatment of any animal.

I also confirm that I am not aligned to nor affiliated with any organization or body and am asking these questions in my personal capacity. I also hasten to add that as I am exposed to a large spectrum of the Muslim community from all walks of life I have found that the questions that I have are at the very tip of many consumers’ tongues and that the public at large deserves a direct, specific and detailed public response from SANHA. (I state my non alignment to any organization or body as SANHA often automatically assumes that any perceived criticism of its systems and certifications stems from De Deur and/or The Majlis or that it stems from some sort of conspiracy theory).

I must add at this point that I have posed most of these questions previously (via email and via the Q&A section of SANHA’s website) to SANHA in the near past and SANHA in its responses has by and large “kicked the ball into touch”, or given superficial answers or in most cases completely neglected to even answer the questions that I posed that I am of the view are most pertinent to the Halaal certification of the poultry in question.

Admittedly, SANHA has invited me to meet with and discuss my questions with their Theological Director to avoid a “trial by correspondence” which I am happy to do but due to my schedule currently I am not in a position to schedule such meeting in the very near future. Nevertheless, I am also of the view that my questions are very basic, are straightforward and are very relevant and that SANHA should be in a position to give the public answers and proper explanations to the questions and not hide behind the guise of wanting to avoid a “trial by correspondence” (and to do this swiftly as the answers to my questions should be elementary to SANHA’s Theological department). The intelligence of the general public should not be underestimated, as if SANHA addresses my questions individually and sticks to answering the questions directly then the public will absorb the information and if a “trial by correspondence” arises due the public needing to be further enlightened then SANHA as a organization that ultimately derives its income from the pockets of the public should indulge the public and answer any further queries that the public has. I remind SANHA that, SANHA claims to be “representing the Muslim community of South Africa on all matters pertaining to the general application of the term Halaal with specific reference to Islamic dietary laws” and that SANHA further preaches the following; “Pass on all information to as wide a circle as possible”. I urge SANHA to practice what it preaches and to actually live by the doctrine of its own utterances.

(I have also requested to SANHA that the questions that I posed to SANHA be loaded onto their website Q&A section as this is the forum that I first used in raising the majority of my queries.
However SANHA has chosen not to post any of my questions posed on their website to date for reasons best known to SANHA.
Perhaps the questions are too controversial and too probing for an organization that is supposed to “provide full accountability and transparency to the Consumer” and would get the public to think twice before consuming SANHA certified products??)
My Questions are as follows (listed in no particular order of importance or priority):
(I once again urge SANHA to individually answer each question below directly rather then to issue ambiguous and lengthy narrative on general issues)

Question 1
Re: The Islamic Shari’ah system of thabah

From my very basic and layman’s understanding the Islamic method of Thabah/Slaughter would entail the following (and these are not an all encompassing list but are some of the very basic and essential tenants):

Islamic Method
1. Knife not to be sharpened in front of animal
2. Birds must not see another being slaughtered
3. Birds must face Qibla
4. Tasmiyah to be verbally recited (audibly for each and every bird being slaughtered)
5. Birds to be taken to death with dignity (appropriate restraining method etc)
6. Birds to be treated humanely (no stunning etc)
7. Birds to be slaughtered with ease & given water to drink before thabah
8. Birds must necessarily be Healthy and disease free
9. Good overall hygiene standards
10. 4 vessels to be cut (minimum 3)

UN-Islamic Method
1. Knife sharpened in front of animal
2. Birds slaughtered in full view of the other animals (to the extent that blood spurts from one slaughtered animal to others around it)
3. Birds face any direction (total neglect in ensuring that birds face Qibla when slaughtered)
4. Tasmiyah not prerequisite (on the basis that Tasmiyah is in all Muslims hearts or just being ignored or “forgotten” on a repeated basis!)
5. Birds dragged & shackled up-side down on mega conveyor belts at high speed
6. Poultry stunned / electrocuted
7. Poultry slaughtered in motion at fast speed
8. Birds from the time they are born to the time they are put to their unceremonious death are a product of cruelty that extends throughout their 36 day to 40 day lifespan (live their entire lives in very confined space, fed massive doses of antibiotics and growth stimulants, literally live in and eat their own filth and feaces, broken bones / bruises/ blisters are a norm, feet rotting from the exposure to feaces and the resulting ammonia burns, etc etc …. These are just the tip of the iceberg).
Can the birds actually be Healthy and disease free??
9. Before removing any impurities from inside the stomach, poultry immersed into very hot filthy water to facilitate the feather peeling process.
10. Less then 3 vessels being cut

(If any of the points listed above under both Islamic and Non-Islamic methods are incorrect then please excuse me as I write as a layman and not as an Aalim or a Mufti or a Theological Director and I will be happy if the relevant points are corrected)

(To be continued Insha Allah Ta'aala)