The Devils recipe for desaster

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

The Devils recipe for desaster

Moulana Imran Admani Saheb Hafizahullah

There were 2 brothers whose parents were great chefs. They were from a great bloodline whose family had been known for their dishes. As the 2 brothers grew up, they learnt the recipes and method of cooking from their parents. Both of them grew up to be outstanding chefs.

One day, the older brother said to the other, we must now improve the dishes that we have been taught. We must add new ingredients and make the food look more presentable. However, the younger brother reminded him that these recipes have been in thier family for generations and have proven to be effective. Not only do they taste good, but people feel renergised and don't get sick from them.

To this, the brother remarked that if our ancestors were alive today, they themselves would have changed the ingredients because all the new ingredients available today were not available to them. After some back and forth, the 2 brothers decided to go their own way in business.

Some time later, the brother opened his own restaurant opposite his brother's restaurant. His food looked better than his brothers food. It smelt better and even tasted better. People from around the world started to flock to his restaurant. While he got more busy, his younger brother started losing business. Yet he knew that his ancestors must have chosen these ingredients for a reason, so he stayed firm on it, regardless of the lack of success.

Many years later, people started falling sick, and they started getting weaker at a younger age than before. People were getting heart attacks at 30. As people were strangely dying, the government started an investigation. The pathologists discovered that their was an unauthorised food ingredient in their body, which they had consumed over a span of years that had caused the sudden deaths. On further investigation, they found that this ingredient was being used in the older brothers' restaurant, which was famous for its dishes.

As investigations began, the brother was questioned over why he had moved away from the original recipe. He replied by saying the times were changing, if he had not made changes, and utilised these ingredients, then someone else would have. If he didn't do it, then someone else would have done it incorrectly. The older brother made it sound like he was doing it for the people.

The police retorted him by saying he actually did it for himself. While he already had a completely fine recipe that had been proven to work for decades, what was the need in changing it just for the people? In actual fact, he made the change for himself so he could attain fame. Thereafter, he was taken by police to the jail.

My respected brothers, sisters, and elders. This is actually the situation of the world today. This is the situation of our preachers. They want to deviate from the path of nabi ﷺ, they want to deviate from the ways of the sahaba radiallahu anhum, and they want to diviate from the teachings of islam, in hopes to appease the people and get a bigger audience. They want people to praise them and cheer their name. People eating the tainted food may not have realised its danger, yet still paid for it with their health and some even with their lives.

Why would anyone change that which nabi ﷺ and islam have taught us. Why would anyone want to move away from the perfect formula of islam?

Today, we see preachers and scholars deviating from the method of preaching taught by islam and our pious predecessors. They mix hallal with haraam, claiming that the times have changed. People may listen to their eloquence of speech, they may feel in awe of their words, and they feel inspired by their knowledge. But in reality, it's all shrouded in sin and evil. The energy they pass on is that of negativity. It is a dark energy due to the corruption of the heart of the preacher. If the preacher is committing sins in the name of Islam, then what spiritual benefit will his words be able to have upon the muslims in the long run.

Unfortunately, those people who end up a victim to this may never realise it until it's too late.

The older chef may have served more tasty food, but in the end, at what cost to the peoples lives and at what cost to himself? The second chef may have had fewer customers, but at least his and their lives were safe. Quality over quantity.

Whom our words will benefit is not in our control, but what methods we use is. Let us worry about doing the right thing, and leave the rest in the hands of Allah.

May Allah always guide us to correct Ulama, may He guide us, keep us guided, make us a means of guidance, may He save us from fitnahs, and being a means of fitnah.


و عليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته