السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


The problem today, is not that we don't know what is right and wrong, it's not that we don't know what is hallal and haraam, but it's that the mojority of us choose to ignore it. The selfless care that was once present in people is quickly vanishing, with people living in their own bubble. Unfazed, unaffected, and unmoved by the turmoil, evil, and misguidance. We prefer to deal only with those problems that affect us. Personal benefits, relationships, status, wealth, and social recognition of a person are prioritised when making a decision between right and wrong. In this world of injustice, it doesn't matter what claim we have it matters about who we are. A sort of discrimination has entered into Islam. With knowledge, wealth, and rank, taking priority over a person's deeds and good character. Don't even get started on the fact that if you are a female who has been abused. You speak out, and you are considered someone who has no modesty. The only option is to stay silent, hoping and praying that one day, the evil islamic preacher that abused you gets what he deserves.

This selfish mentally has infected the muslims far and wide. We can see the evedent damage of this behaviour all around us. Look how people have made our religion a toy. People are making all sorts of rules and making the hallal haraam. Many ulema see this happening. They know it is against the teachings of Islam, yet they adopt silence. Fear of the backlash they may get? They choose cowardice over their deen? People have become scared to speak out and question the mufties and shaikhs over what seems to be decisions that go directly against islam. Everyone becomes a hero when it comes to speaking out against those who burn the quran, but so many of us become mice when the culprits that are changing the deen are own scholars. They are doing more damage than the quran burners, yet our lips are sealed tight.

Because of the silence of the mojority, free mixing has become rampant, even being practised by mufties and shaikul hadeeths. If you question these people, they will resort to asking us what position and knowledge we have to question them. People in the wrong have moved away from quoting the quran, sunnah of nabi ﷺ, and the sahaba radiallahu anhum as a justification for their actions. Instead, they refer to the actions of other prominent ulema of this generation to vindicate themselves. Since when did the actions of high-ranking mufties become a source of justification in islam?

I am a sinful person, but that does not mean I should sit silently on the sidelines while people disrespect my nabi ﷺ, by attributing to deen that which is haraam. Will nabi ﷺ turn his face away from me on qiyamah day because I decided to look the other way? What answer will we give to Allah when questioned what effort we made to stop this?

If we were alive in the time of nabi ﷺ, most likely, we would have been the cowards and munafiqeens that would have fled the battle of Uhud before it began. Today, we are too scared to speak up for islam, do we think we would have been able to raise a sword and lay down our life?

I don't know about you, but my heart hurts, I cant stay silent anymore. I can't sit and watch all this happen and not say something. I can't sit and not do anything. I might be the biggest sinner in the world, but I won't let that stop me from speaking out against that evil, which people do in the name of Islam, to fool and decieve people. If they are not shy to openly break the laws of Islam and make hallal that which is haraam, why should I be shy to question it?

The question is, will you be sitting silently on the sidelines eating pop corn and watching while these people try and railroad islam? While these so-called scholars all around the world use islam to fill their pockets and bring evil to our doorstep? Are you mice or men? Are you like the munafiqs of the time of nabi ﷺ? Or will you be standing up for islam? Will you be speaking out and raising your voice for YOUR DEEN? Will you be standing up for our nabi ﷺ, and turning away these misguided scholars and preachers from our mimbers?

It's time to earn junnah and save ourselves from jahannam. May Allah guide us and keep us guided, may he save us from fitna and being a means of fitna.


و عليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته