After having been informed of the fact that RAGHI had, in accordance with the face saving campaign, utilized the various media houses under their wing to vomit out excreta against the senior Ulama of the country, we had been constrained to listen to the filth and deception and respond.


First he mentions Mashwarah, and how mashwarah is made and the Ameer decides. This is a con, the Jamiat and their poster boys Bham, RAGHI and Ravat operate like social gangsters who are leaving absolutely no stone unturned to degenerate the Deen in South Africa. We have tried but can not get in touch with their Ameer. Mashwarah is not made over sin.


He also mentions that Mashwarah must be respected even if your view is not accepted. We ask, if some Ulama have to make Mashwarah and proclaim Mutah as Halaal as it was once permissible due to the need of the time of today, with intermingling of sexes at schools, universities and even radio stations, will they respect that view?

 He asks if anything is categorically Haraam on ITV, so we ask clearly:


  1. Are the women coming on ITV and doing Hijaab totourials and interviewing men halaal or haraam? Please state your stance and the stance of the Jamiat and its "Ameer"


  1. Is the Music that is played with islamic names Halaal or Haraam?


  1. Is Bringing feminists on interviews as youth activists halaal? What is your Jamiat’s view on feminism?



He does not mention the incident of illness (virus of a sort) in the time of Nabi Alahi Salaam and that Nabi Alayhis Salaam did not advocate or even hint at quarantine. He does not mention that they all performed Salaat together in the Musjid (sick and healthy) in the Sunnah manner (shoulder to shoulder)


He does not mention the plague of Amwaas where Sahaaba performed Salaat in the Musjid shoulder to shoulder.Did they social distance in the musjid or close Masajid? Did any faqeeh state plague as a valid grounds for closing masaajid?



He mentions that they invited Ulama for discussion but most (not all) ignored their request. He does not mention why they did not discuss with those that did not ignore the invite. He fails to mention that when Qalamul Haq invited their secretary general for discussion to create some peace and in the interest of unity and transparency, the SG (who was open to it at first) snubbed, ignored and blocked Qalamul Haq. This was before the formation of Wifaqul Ulama SA.


He mentions that they were ignored but does not state the reason for ignoring our emails and correspondences as wellas that from the public.

He questions the reason for the formation of Wifaqul Ulama SA, but does not give the answer on WUSA website as follows:


**Alḥamdulillāh, after extensive deliberation and consultation, the senior ‘Ulamā of our country have resolved to form an organization having the principal objectives of preserving and promoting the Dīn in its pure and pristine form. The formation of this organization was in response to the fervent appeals of many individuals within the ‘Ulamā fraternity and the general Muslim community seeking clear Shar’ī guidance in matters of Dīn in an era of escalating trials, tribulations and challenges. **


The public asked for it. We can bear testimony to the fact that 100’s of Ulama and even more laypeople that we engaged with were in favour. The main reason being the “Friends of the Court” matter where they went to oppose the same Ulama who wanted to open Musaajid when they wanted it closed. Why did they not apply their principles of Maswarah that he mentions and respect their view in the matter?


Why the sudden nervousness now?


They wish to hide their views and do not state it clear so they can keep taking the senior ulama and the Ummah for a ride. They should be clear on this issue instead of making sweeping statements against Maulana Shabeer Saheb DB and maulana Fazlurahmaan azmi DB as well as others.


In his total audacity he calls for the senior Ulama to say they were mistaken due to deaths, he thus, while calling for being tolerant, has totally disregarded the entire history of Fuqaha who are all unanimous that whether you believe in contagion or not one cannot contravene essentials of Deen such as the closure of the masaajid. He does not mention if they were mistaken in opposing Ulama in court as they changed their Mashwarah view shortly therafter.


What he conveniently omitted was the fact that they rushed to the courts to curry favour with the government and impede the efforts of those wishing to open the masaajid and when they had seen that the government may give in, in order to gain the fame they contradicted their very basis, which they still have refused to publicly apologize for, they thus reflect the blame on others as can be seen.


Up to date they are silent regarding the Shias who are it appears are funding them and have failed and contradicted the salaf and the Ahlus Sunnah wal jamah on the issue of mainstream shiasm being kufr.

They have failed to be transparent on salaries.

The senior Ulama can now see quite clearly that they have lost all shame, they have now damned themselves into the next phase of deviation wherein they will now openly oppose the Haqq and justify every form of baatil under the sun.

Thus it is vital to treat them as any other deviant sect. The mureeds of these senior Ulama should stand up and make these imposters step down.


They will continue to utilize their media voice to manipulate the masses and take the Ummah down the lizard hole of the Bani israaeel.


While such is predicted in the Ahadith, these unfortunate souls are being used as tools in the process and their hearts have thus been sealed so that they may follow through.


It is imperative that the Ummah be warned about them and disassociate from them completely.


The attempts to revile the WIFAAQUL ULAMA are merely kicks of a dying horse. It’s a frantic move of desperation now that the true colours are being exposed and the reality that they were taking the ummah for a ride all this while and that majority of the ulama do not agree with them.


May Allah save the Ummah from deviation and grant the Ulama and the mumineen the courage to stand up for his Deen.

Prepared by Umar Syed and Hassan Maziza

For: Qalamul Haq

083 843 9097