Who Does Not Need A Mask
Who does not need a mask?
(Extracted from an Article-An Explanation from Kevin Campbell M.D and nothing more-Qalamul Haq)
If you are otherwise healthy and are not high risk, there is no evidence at this point that by wearing a mask you will decrease the chance of getting COVID-19 -- simply running to the grocery store or the gas station is not a reason to wear a mask.
If you are golfing, playing tennis, exercising, riding a bike, etc. -- there is no need to wear a mask.
If you are driving alone in your car, there is no need to wear a mask.
Simply put, use common sense. Do not let the media and politicians use masking as a way to fear monger and intimidate. Masking has its role, but its greatest benefits are in the healthcare setting. Random masking is a waste of resources and may limit the ability of those who really need PPE to obtain them.
We have to stop using flawed data and bad science to make decisions. Politicians are leveraging data that they do not understand in an effort to set policy and advance their own political agendas.
For example, in North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper continues to keep the state on lockdown long beyond what neighboring states have done and is now threatening to mandate masks for any citizen who goes out in public in what appears to be another gubernatorial power grab in that state.
It's time we stopped allowing politics and fear to dictate science -- science and data should dictate good politics and public policy instead.
Kevin Campbell, MD, is a cardiologist based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and chief innovation officer at biocynetic.