JUSA Claims To Be Jamiat Transvaal
Let's Analyse This Claim

Attached are PDF documents that have been prepared by a professor who has researched the history of the old Jamiatul Ulama Transvaal (JUT) and the current JUSA. He has based his research on using the WayBack machine which keeps digital archives of websites to base his findings and also open these archives to relevant articles, publications and guidance that was provided on issues at hand.

What is noticeable, is that around 2000+ the very same issues such as interfaith ideologies, world religious parliament, feminism, shiaism, secularism, TV, etc where also relevant issues in that period.

The archives from the old JUT website will illustrate to the reader how the Ulama at that time upheld the laws of Deen and did not wavier and inch in their responses and challenges at hand. For example, a very apt article that was published was a response to the iranian embassy that challenged them at that time.

The document shows the contrast in the manner the old JUT Ulama stood their ground on the challenges within the perimeters of Deen versus the watering down of Deen and the trade-offs in lieu of Deeni principles that are taking place currently, using the ‘difference of opinion’ slogan.

The conclusion the reader will get is that the Old JUT is vastly different from the current JUSA, it is like the east to the west. The facts are available on old JUT website. The ethos, the mission and the behaviour of the two organisations can not be reconciled.

Whilst the reader is visiting the old archived websites there are refreshing articles and Q&A’s responses that are still relevant in today’s times. The question arises why has all this material and content disappeared from the current JUSA website?

The cries of unity will only come when one disunites from the kufr ways, reconciles with the Haqq & the men of Haqq and treads back to the lessons in these archives to take future direction.In Sha Allah.

May Allah open our eyes of the heart and make the truth manifest.

Please share widely, Jazakallah Khairan

On behalf of Abu Hurairah
26 Muharram 1445
14 August 2023