Using Hazrat Mufti Khanpuri Daamat barakaatuhm To Create Fitna

Bismillāhir Rahmānir Rahīm

The audio clip of Hazrat Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri Saheb Dāmat Barakātuh regarding the Tashaddud of the Ulama of South Africa has been recirculated again by certain individuals who cannot defend their actions Shar'an. The repeated circulation of this clip is only due to their desperation and not having any excuse for their actions.
This clip of Hazrat Mufti Saheb was part of an Ulama bayaan that he gave in Azaadville Jami Masjid in an Islāhi program.

It is a fact that Hazrat was met on that day by certain Jusa members and their sympathisers in Azaadville. Whether this was discussed with Hazrat in that meeting or at another meeting is not relevant. However, it shows the level that these "Tolerant" Ulama stoop to, to take extract some words from visiting Ulama against those who differ with them.
If someone abuses the Honourable Sahabah Radiyallāhu Anhum then they will share the platform with them and show tolerance. However, if someone speaks against "their" fisq actions; they will go on Haraam TV, radio and on social media to address this "very serious problem" which is only to be found in South Africa.
Nevertheless, this selective, hypocritical "Tolerance" can only hoodwink certain individuals and, of course, "suit" some others.

As is in the case of iftā, the Mufti answers according to the istiftā (question) posed to him. If, in an inheritance query for example, the questioner only mentioned the sons and left the daughters out, the Mufti will answer accordingly.
The same goes here. We would like to ask those who apprised Hazrat Mufti Saheb about the local "Ulama differences of opinion," what did they actually tell him?

Did those who spoke to Mufti Saheb inform him about the following:

1. They actively gave Dawat to the World cup in 2010 and even went and made Jumuah there?

This is besides other videos on stupid soccer issues that the SG of Jusa has made.

2. Did they inform Hazrat Mufti Saheb about the swot analysis they requested from Yawir Baig which they eerily seem to be following?!!

3. Did they inform Hazrat about how they tried to stampede the Muslim public to agree to the marriage bill that automatically allows the wife to give talaaq to her husband?
Did they inform him how they wanted to restrict the marriageable age?
Did they inform him of the other problems in the marriage bill that they wanted to pass?

4. Did they inform him how they arranged for Ml Tariq Jamil to come to South Africa despite being informed of his wrong ideas, especially his Shia upliftment mentality?
Even when he said that Shias should remain as Shias and spoke ill of those Ulama who speak against the Shias, they still supported him. They went on TV (with a woman?) to show their happiness with his "Tour" and even invited him for their jalsah.
When the senior Ulama of the country sent out a very beneficial and carefully worded pamphlet regarding unity without taking anyone's names, these "Tolerant" Ulama who don't like "tashaddud" wrote a letter to Raiwind describing these seniors in such words which does not suit the facade of the "Tolerance" Scholars. The letter was then translated to English and sent out to the awaam as well.
If they have not informed Hazrat about this then copies of this are available and their "direct" links to Hazrat will put high speed to the process.
The audio of Ml T Jamil is still available on their website and has not been removed (otherwise, they can remove it and sweep one more under the carpet; if they still have space).

Did they give Hazrat some kārguzāri regarding how they hosted Yawir Baig in Kruger national park for an Ulama outing in 2012 and how he told the Ulama not to worry about Shias. Rather get involved with ANC?

5. Did they inform Hazrat of

Radio Islam getting an award from MTN; the Ulama who attended the function; the venue that was used; mixed gathering and the dressing of the women, the menu etc.

6. Was Hazrat informed about the Radio Islam awards and the dubious categories that were made?
Did they inform him that they gave an award of "The most inclusive Masjid" to the precursor to interfaith programs.
What on earth is their objective?
When the Shia/Salafi/Barelwi+ musjid (Masjid ul Quds in Cape Town) gets the award and the Salafi, Isis-pumping, Lakefield Masjid gets runner-up then it's apparent what they meant. Of course, they didn't tell Mufti Saheb about the al Quds Masjid imam doing a sing along with women of:
'I love you you love me...?
Just a small oversight.

Did they inform Mufti Saheb about the intermingling in the radio station. Also, how males interview females, take calls live on air from the opposite gender, laugh and joke with each other?
How in Ramadanul Karim, they have a drama series?

7. Did they explain to Mufti Saheb that Going on TV with a women interviewer is now also considered mukhtalaf feeh?
That Muslim women looking at the TV Scholar is also mukhtalaf feeh and males looking at a women presenter is also mukhtalaf feeh?
Those Ulama who speak against this are Mutashaddid?

8. Did they ask Hazrat if prohibiting Ulama from giving bayaan to women without any pardah is "tashaddud". Did they inform him of the "events" that they attend like the marriage conferences and others locally and internationally (Canada high-tec, gas emitting,celebrity stages etc)? Maybe it will be too difficult to explain the need, or rather, the scene to Hazrat Mufti Saheb.

9. Did they inform Mufti Saheb how these Ulama are actively involved in encouraging sending ladies to university and what happens in the universities to even Purdah wearing girls? Maybe shedding a few tears to Hazrat for this also will give him a clear picture of what is happening.

10. Did they give some kaarguzaari to Hazrat regarding the application of the virtues of Ilm to university studies? They should ask Hazrat if their stance of applying it to university studies "only" is justified and why they chose not to include "learning" how to cook, clean the house, and sew?

11. Did they inform Mufti Saheb how they invited Ramaphosa to the eidgah even though he was still the vice-president of the ANC.
Did they explain how this was a stupid political move as, besides other issues, the Muslims lost the support of the other half of the ANC and the other political parties. It also opened up a can of worms for the future requests by political parties to address Eidgahs and Jumuahs.

Did they inform Hazrat about the donation that Ramaphosa's brother-in-law gave them?

Did they inform Hazrat that when certain senior Ulama told their students to open the Masajid and not go to the eidgah, what "tashaddud" and "intolerance" they showed?
Nasty letters were written and even meetings were arranged with these Ulama maligning them for "splitting the Ummah"!! Of course, they themselves were not splitting the Ummah because by default insight lies with them.

12. Did they show Mufti Saheb the pictures of Ulama meeting and hugging young girls in Syria?
Did they tell mufti Saheb that these Ulama meet adult women and speak to them face to face?

Did they inform Mufti Saheb how one of his students in Klerksdorp stood in a line with female teachers to greet Ramaphosa? Was Mufti Saheb informed that the female teachers shook his hand and they were videoing it!!

13. Did they inform Hazrat of the "Tashaddud" shown in one of the towns where a new Masjid was opened and how the Jusa vice President stopped the local Ulama and people from going to the Masjid, stopped the Azaan from being given on loud speaker, stopped the local Ulama from giving bayaans there and the words used against the Masjid?

14. Did they inform Hazrat how they closed the Masajid before even one person died from covid and even actively supported those mutawallis who were pushing their Imams to close the Masajid? Did they not know that there were "different opinions" and that certain Ulama are following "the other opinion." Could they not explain "tolerance" to the Mutawallis and tell them not to have "Tashaddud" on their views?
Did they inform Hazrat Mufti Saheb regarding their joining Uucsa in their application to court and how they explained to the court their view of closing the Masajid?
Did they explain to Mufti Saheb that they told the court that even the Haram Sharif in Makkah was closed four times in history and the first was in the time of Abraha?

15. Will they inform Hazrat Mufti Saheb about Ml Moosa Akoodee asking them in the Legacy program to retract from their stance on closing the Masajid and their "intolerant" response to him?
Will they inform him how Ml Moosa tried again in Ml Sajjad Numani's program and they couldn't "tolerate" him explaining his view?

These would have been some of the issues that could have been put to Mufti Ahmad Khanpuri Saheb Daamat barakatuh.
These are besides the issues of Uucsa that they are party to and also need to be addressed.

As is evident from the above issues, these are not issues that can be brushed under the carpet by saying: "These are not Farz or Wājib matters" as they made Hazrat Mufti Saheb understand.
These are not "personal matters" that have to do with a person's private life as Hazrat Mufti Saheb was made to understand.

Nevertheless, It can be understood if someone takes the issues he is facing to Senior Ulama or any other Alim so that islaah can take place, if the correct version and picture of the issues are placed in front.

However, if only half the picture is put in front of the Seniors and then their statements are sent out, then this ultimately will lead to either the awaam and Ulama having bad thoughts of the senior Ulama or being led astray by them feeling that these Seniors don't have any problem with these issues.

If the correct picture and the serious issues were actually put in front of Hazrat Mufti Saheb, then his response would have been totally different as his views and clarity on issues that are against Shari'ah is well known.

Those who continue sending this clip out without clarifying what was actually presented to Hazrat Mufti Saheb will be held responsible for any person who misunderstands Hazrat Mufti Saheb.

May Allāh Ta'ālā guide all the Ulama and save them from misguidance.
May Allāh Ta'ālā grant us the Taufiq of differentiating between the Ulama of Akhirat and the Ulama of the Dunya.

ربنا لا تزغ قلوبنا بعد إذ هديتنا وهب لنا من لدنك رحمة، إنك أنت الوهاب.