This article has been written firstly for the pleasure of Allah and thereafter as a caution to the Ummah and a plea to Jamiatul Ulama South Africa (JUSA) to reconsider their stance and attitude to our pristine Deen. This plea is borne out of a hope we hold that the hearts of the latter are not sealed, but if it is we beg Allah سبحانه وتعالى to guide us and them and to make us all beacons of guidance for this Ummah as well as defenders against misguidance, Ameen. The hope is also held that they are not fulfilling the prophecies of being the deviated scholars who will be worse than Dajjal.
If, however, their hearts are actually sealed and they are amongst the deviated scholars, then we beseech Allah سبحانه وتعالى to let their misguidance fall back on themselves, to protect this Ummah from them and to remove them with their evil and mischief.
The retaking of Afghanistan by the Taliban has caught the attention of, and drawn mixed reactions from, the international community. Whilst Muslims in general expressed their joy at the return of a Muslim country to their own, the mainstream media (MSM) jumped back onto their bandwagon of Islamophobia. This biased trend has become so brazen and natural that even the peaceful takeover process with its offerings of general amnesty and supported by the majority Afghan population was tainted by the MSM casting doubt on the Taliban's future ability to rule with justice, thereby showing their stubborn adherence to a tired rhetoric.
And then came the response of JUSA by its executive committee in the form of a press statement dated 17 August 2021. Being a Muslim organisation, the statement had to reflect the general congratulatory stance of the Muslims towards the Taliban. The conclusion, however, was where the true colours of the organisation really came to the fore.
As a background, this was the same organisation who sided with secularists at the start of the Covid pandemic to minimise the importance of Salaah with Jamaat and then worse, to close our Masaajid. They went on to doggedly stand with the feminists on the recognition of Muslim marriages issue which was wholly anti-Shariah. Now, their partisanship towards the MSM is also out in the open.
The paragraph starts: "It is our sincere hope that the Taliban have learnt from the past experience and that in this second coming, they will govern with equity and justice...". Aside from being a thinly veiled insult, this is open slander by a group who ought to know better, yet their desire to please their Western masters leads them to actually propagate the propaganda of the MSM regarding the Taliban, thereby overlooking the great, pious and Allah-fearing personalities associated with it such as Mullah Muhammad Omar رحمه الله, who was not only present during this first period of rule but also accepted by many as Ameerul Mu'mineen during his tenure as the group's leader. It goes on: "...in the full knowledge that accountability is ultimately to Allah." This is an encompassing piece of advice to anybody for anytime, yet the context seems to continue the insult in that the leaders of the Taliban were previously not Allah-conscious. This is an excellent opportunity to remind JUSA of their accountability in the Court of Allah سبحانه وتعالى also, especially with regards their multiple transgressions:
1) Promotion of photography and videography to the extent that even the rules of Hijaab are flouted through them taking photos and appearing on television with women.
2) Members presenting discourses at the (Un)Islamic Marriage Conference wherein open intermingling took place as well as the insult to Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah رضي الله عنه, which furthered the Shia objective of trying to destroy Deen by desensitising the masses towards criticism of its transmitters, i.e. the Sahaabah رضي الله عنهم أجمعين. Many attended this money-making event due to it being legitimized through the JUSA Ulama being on the agenda.
3) Responsible for arranging the SA Tour of yoga- and fashion-promoting Ml Tariq Jameel وفقه الله لما يحب ويرضى (now called Brand MTJ) despite being warned about the consequences. Notwithstanding the open blunders he caused, they still sent letters of support to Raiwind rather than apologise.
4) The suspension of congregational Salaah FIVE DAYS BEFORE government regulations were enforced.
5) When a group of people wrote to the government in respect of opening the Masaajid, JUSA was part of a group of organisations who wrote to the government to oppose this application.
6) A group of people went to court to challenge the lockdown regulations and thereby open the Masaajid. JUSA (along with some other UUCSA affiliates) was part of the group who went as 'friends of the court' to combatively oppose this application.
7) The anti-Shariah MPL Bill was fully supported by JUSA until it was withdrawn by the state.
8) JUSA went again as part of its old team as a 'friend of the court' to support the argument of the feminists in seeking interim relief on this now revived MMB matter, EVEN IF IT TEMPORARILY (will probably become permanently) GOES AGAINST THE SHARIAH.
9) Participating in and promoting interfaith meetings and prayers wherein they share a common platform with other religious groups whilst open Kufr is being proclaimed.
10) Their deafening silence on the Shia issue leaves one wondering whether they have been infiltrated by Shias, are Shia-sympathisers or are perhaps funded and dictated to by such people? The cost of this negligence is their followers being left without guidance on this critical Aqidah matter, thereby endangering their Imaan because of their being duped into believing that Shias fall within the framework of Islam.
These actions were not done by individual members, but rather with the blessing of the leadership. So, with a charge sheet such as this, we would ask JUSA to apply the consciousness of Allah سبحانه وتعالى to their own dealings with the Deen of Allah سبحانه وتعالى before pointing the proverbial (crooked and slanderous) finger.
Highlighting the errors and sins of JUSA is a Shar'i requirement because they have committed these actions openly and publicly. There has been no public regret, remorse or retraction which is a Shar'i requirement for errors committed publicly. What is more shocking is that at times it is as if they are boasting about these errors. The main reason for sending this out is for everyone's guidance and especially that the people are saved from being misguided.
The Ulama, and especially the Ulama of JUSA, who are silent in the face of these open violations of the Shari'ah are complicit in the crimes of JUSA and can be taken to task for assisting in the misguidance of the Ummah.
We attribute the good herein and all good to Allah سبحانه و تعالى, whilst any shortcomings are a result of our Nafs and Shaytaan.
اللهم إهدنا واهد أمة سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم
النذير والبشير
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