The million dollar question is more relevant than ever: When does one put one's foot down and say "I've had enough"? What will it take for us to pressurize the illegitimate, immoral and despotic monarchy of Saudi Arabia into reversing their open onslaught against Islam? In the past, the mere economic and military (albeit covert) co-operation between Saudi and Israel would be a convincing enough argument. (Currently, even greater inroads have been made in “normalizing” relations with the apartheid state)
Others may have only been swayed at the point when the respected Imaams of the haramein were famously put under house arrest. This move effectively gagged all criticism of the Saudi monarchy and its allies (read USA/Israel) from the pulpit. Yet, others may only have been persuaded at the point when MBS put into motion his "reforms" (read own brand of Sharia), which included giving more freedom to women and opening up of concerts.
However, the events of the recent 18 months have raised the level of ire for many devout Muslims. They have seen their freedom to perform Haj and Umrah completely disappear, and when that freedom was given back, it assumed a form far removed from what was practiced by our beloved Nabi SAW. The other pillar of Salaah was similarly desecrated when Shaytaani restrictions were imposed.
But the "straw that broke the back" of the Saudi monarchy's “stranglehold” was their announcement of the opening of 10 cinemas in the holiest and most sanctified city of our Beloved Nabi SAW. (Madinah). Those with an iota of love for our Nabi SAW felt that pain. After all, it was oppression in its worst form. To defy and disrespect the Master SAW. to that extent can only be the doing of the most vile of characters. Not even Hajjaaj bin Yusuf (the notorious blood-shedder) dared commit such dastardly acts!
Yet a few remained, unflinching in their neutral, non-comital approach, not verbally objecting through either criticising this sacrilege and heresy at the very least, nor doing anything tangible. The very least action one can take presently is to boycott this tyrannical regime and get them to backtrack. But this will require unity of purpose and a sacrifice of our self interest/desires.
Right now the world is divided into pro-vax and anti-vax camps. We need to break away from this divisive, myopic mentality and see the bigger picture: No one should be refused their right to visit the mubaarak lands if they have the means. Even a pro-vaxer should admit this much that it's a form of oppression!
It's time we all put our foot down and say enough is enough! The current rules around Umrah would be laughable if it were not so oppressive: Over 60's not allowed; only 3-hour random slots randomly allocated to visit the haram that are few and far between, whether it falls in salaah time or not is inconsequential; Women allowed without mahrams; along with the adherence to SD protocols during the rites, salaah included. Where is there any value in this? What, if any hope is there of acceptance from Allah SWT when our Deen is turned into a circus? How do we draw His help?
In my opinion the tyrannical regime that is the house of Saud has destroyed more Islamic relics and historical sites than ANY non-Muslim government could ever hope to do were they granted that opportunity.
May Allah give us the courage and resolve to stand up against all forms of oppression and do what is within our means to register our discontent and objections. And may He remove the Firouns of this world and restore our beautiful Deen to its former glory. Ameen.